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Bound Muse

Prompts for Creative Writers

Prompts for Creative Writers
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Once a week a prompt will be provided, usually one word, or maybe an image or a song. Writers can write however much they want (although, for the sake of us all, preferably between 100 and 2000 words) and post it if they want to share it. Alternatively, keep your story private, you're still more than welcome to join the community. Ideas for weekly prompts are welcome.

Rules of the community:

1) All submissions should be original short stories, prose, poetry etc. No fanfiction is allowed.

2) Please place all entries under an lj-cut, or link to your relevant journal entry. (a "fake cut")

3) When you post, please include:
Rating (G, PG, Total Smut, etc)
Desired level of critique (ie, say whether you want only general comments on your work, no comments at all, deep in-depth sort of stuff, harsh critique, etc.)

4) No outright flaming. If you don't like someone's story, that's fine, and if they want harsh critique you can tell them why you think it's badly done, but don't just say someone sucks. Negative critique should have some basis to it.

5) Please, please check your spelling and punctuation. I can't be having with netspeak in a community that's writing-based. If you're concerned that your stuff isn't up to scratch grammar-wise, get someone to beta your work.

Please keep in mind, if you intend to send stories to short story competitions and the like, some competitions won't accept stories that have been published, and may consider Livejournal personal publishing as a sort of publishing. So, if there's something you really love and want to submit to a competition, you're probably better off not posting it here!